Saturday, December 27, 2014

About Arctic Ice Floe Discs

Arctic Ice Floe Discs is a blog about Canadians from all walks of life. We will be exploring our guests' lives partly through their musical preferences.

All of our guests will answer a familiar question, adapted to Canadian life.

If you were stranded on an Arctic ice floe for the rest of your life (there is heated shelter on your ice floe, food will be airlifted to you daily, so don't worry about freezing or starving), what are the 8 pieces of music you would want loaded onto your solar-powered iPod? Also, what is one luxury item you would want to bring (it can't be something that will help you get off the ice floe or communicate with the outside world)? Which book would you bring? Finally, in addition to the basic food rations that our helicopter drops off to you daily, what will you choose for your one luxury meal per year?

If you are Canadian and would like to be featured on Arctic Ice Floe Discs, Send the following information to

Current Town or City
Biography (what would our readers like to know about you? - keep it short - it may be edited for length and grammar and clarity)
A website, if relevant
A photo of yourself (should be just you)
Your list of 8 songs and why you chose each. (avoid reasons like "it rocks!" and really tell us what it means to you. How does this song reflect who you are? This is about you as much as it's about the music.)
Which of the 8 is your ultimate favourite and why?
Your luxury item choice and why.
Your book choice and why.
Your monthly luxury meal choice and why.